Winning the War Within: The Heart, the Self, Angels & Devils (Tibb al Qulub – The Medicine of the Hearts)


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This book is one of a series about “Tibb al Qulūb”, the Medicine of the Hearts. It is a collection of selected passages from the writings of Ibn al Qayyim (d. 751 AH رحمه الله) and his teacher, Shaykh al Islām Ibn Taymiyyah (d. 728 AH رحمه الله), explaining key concepts from the Qur’ān and Sunnah about self-purification, strengthening the heart, and refining moral character.

This first book discusses the states of the self, the description of the hearts and the cause of their life and death, and the subsequent war within between the heart, the self, the angels and the devils. It provides amazing insight into inner realities that only the Allah sees. It is a manual for reform and self-discipline, taken from the words of a scholar who was arguably the most prolific to write authoritatively on such issues.

Journey into the depths of the human spirit and discover the battleground within us all in this insightful exploration of the heart, the self, and the ceaseless spiritual warfare we face. This selection of advices from Ibn Taymiyyah & Ibn al Qayyim unveils the states of the heart and self, explaining the functions, strengths, and vulnerabilities of each. Highlighting key verses of the Qur’ān and authentic hadīth, this book highlights the authority of faith and its vital role in the heart’s resilience, emphasizing that a good heart is not merely an abstract concept but the very key to a fulfilled life.

Delving into the darker aspects of the self, this volume reveals how an untamed self can damage and destroy the heart, providing fodder for Shaytān’s relentless attacks. Yet, it reassures that Shaytān holds no power over the true believer, illustrating the core strategies of spiritual defense and the potency of divine remembrance.

In its lengthy conclusion, the book unearths the unseen spiritual warfare within us, depicting the roles of angels and devils in this internal battle. It provides a detailed account of this ongoing conflict and its profound impact on our inner states and personal traits.

Join us on this transformative journey and uncover the profound truths about your own heart, self, and the spiritual battleground within. This book is a guide for those seeking to cultivate inner strength, spiritual resilience, and an enduring faith amidst life’s greatest trials.

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